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Are your "Hormones" driving you CRAZY? ... 😤

Are your "Hormones" driving you CRAZY? ... 😤

As a doctor I often hear my patients complaining of mood swings, weight issues, fatigue, insomnia, tiredness and they say “I think its my hormones” OR “it must be my hormones” ...When I ask them what they mean they further explain it as being my ”female hormones”… One of the things that I think society has done is classify all hormones as “Female Reproductive Hormones” (mainly Progesterone and Oestrogen)

We now know that there are very many other powerful hormones that can cause these symptoms like Thyroxine, Cortisol, Adrenaline, Serotonin, Insulin etc … In addition to hormones low Iron, Vitamin’s B12 and Vit D levels can cause changes in energy levels and hence change our mood.

Finally, in todays fast paced world mental health conditions like stress, anxiety and depression can cause lethargy, weight fluctuation and unstable moodSo, the next time you feel tired, irritable, exhausted or under the weather a good medical assessment would go a long way before assuming that its “just a female hormone” thing!

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