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Telemedicine and COVID-19

The Covid-19 Pandemic across the world has put a strain on healthcare provision even in the most advanced countries.

With physical distancing, and limited movements, though some companies have allowed staff to work from home, there are still those considered essential services whose staff will have to continue going into work. The economy has taken a hit and though we need to think about contracting the disease and its devastating effects on the healthcare system we also have to think about the mental and economic impact on the country. Mental illness as a result will be on the increase and needs to be managed.

Economically, a consumer-spending drop of 50% will affect the growth that was previously forecasted for Kenya. How we manage expectations in terms of business continuity both internally and externally will be very important. Internally staff are faced with the worry of what will happen to their jobs, they are also worried about contracting the disease as they go about their business and what effect that will have on their families. Senior Management are thinking about meeting their targets and the impact of not doing so. Externally, your clients are also going through the same thoughts, they are suffering under the pressure of meeting their obligations under the depressed spending environment. Their dilemma is whether they can keep their companies afloat during this period or whether they should shut down. The stress that business owners are feeling goes beyond the physical and has become mental.

The institutions that will show their internal and external partners they care at this time are those that will elicit loyalty. To keep employees and clients less anxious protocols will need to be put in place to manage their health needs, both physical and mental and secondly manage their financial needs.

We at Dial Daktari aim to use telemedicine to help provide medical services to COVID19 and non-COVID cases

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